The Laser Alternative to Gum Surgery


What is LANAP? 

LANAP is a gentle approach to conventional periodontal treatment.  The protocol uses a specialized laser to kill the pathogenic bacteria responsible for periodontal disease.

It is a FDA approved protocol requiring the Periolase MVP-7 laser, which extensive training over a full year is required to use.

How does LANAP work? 

The laser has specific wavelength that removes inflamed, infected gum tissue at the same time killing the bacteria causing the periodontal disease.  It also eliminates the need for sutures.


What results are expected?

In our experience, we have noticed similar reduction in pocket depths and decrease in bleeding on probing with LANAP as compared to periodontal surgery.  

What are the differences between LANAP and conventional periodontal therapy?

Patients report less postoperative discomfort, bleeding and swelling with minimal disruption to daily activities.  People may return to work the same day as treatment with less tissue shrinkage and less tooth sensitivity after healing


Do all lasers work the same in treating gum disease?

Many lasers exist in dentistry but only the Nd:YAG Periolase has proven to regrow bone loss after years of periodontal disease.